Monday, December 29, 2008


Welcome to the blog for my website. I'd been looking for a way to do updates to my site without having to do full gallery uploads...if I only had a few new images that was a time consuming process. I think I found it! Using a blog has actually streamlined some of the work that goes into updating my site and has also provided some new features which I hope make the site more enjoyable and useful to everyone. This has also given the main page of my site a new look. Links to my gallery pages are on the right and any site update information and new images will be posted here from time to time. Comments are welcome and thanks for visiting!

The last big site update was 11-28-08 and included new Aviation galleries covering the 2008 Nellis AFB Aviation Nation Airshow, the 2008 California International Airshow, and the start of the 2009 Red Flag Exercises at Nellis AFB.

Here are some shots from the recent snow we had here in Las Vegas...